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DNS Abuse and Misuse Workshop jointly organized by PTA and ICANN

Workshop on DNS Abuse and Misuse was conducted, at PTA Headquarters Islamabad. It was jointly organized by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), for the capacity building of Pakistan’s ISPs, mobile phone operators and other stakeholders. DNS workshop is one of many successful and collaborative steps taken by PTA and ICANN towards the capacity building of Pakistani technical community, including but not limited to IPv6 routing, IXP workshops, DNSSEC and Network security. Mr. Fahd Batayneh Manager ICANN for the Middle East region, was the instructor of the workshop. He has vast technical experience at international level. This workshop is among several Cyber Security measures taken by PTA for enhancing the Cyber Security of Telecom Sector in Pakistan. PTA has communicated its commitment for future technical workshops for the benefit of IT & Telecom and relevant stakeholders of Pakistan.

Workshop Objective

This workshop provides Justice Sector, Law Enforcement personnel and Internet investigators to analyze abuses and misuse of DNS and use various strategies, techniques and tools to handle those abuses related to malicious registrations of domain names, IP addresses, web hosts etc. Through a combination of presentations and demonstrations, attendees will learn how to collect information that will be needed to further investigate such abuses and misuse.

Workshop Outline
  • Introduction to Internet Identifiers
  • Challenges of distinguishing abuses from legitimate use of DNS
  • Accessing DNS and IP registration related information
  • Tools to collect DNS and registration data
  • Incident Response
  • Examples, use cases, and case studies