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PTA and APNIC Conducted hands on IPv6 Workshops for Cellular Mobile Operators and ISPs of Pakistan

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) and Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), Australia jointly organized Two 5-days hands-on workshops on IPv6 for Cellular Mobile operators and ISPs. It is in line with the PTA’s efforts towards transition of Pakistan Telecom Infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6, as IPv4 Internet Protocol addresses have already depleted and no more IPv4 addresses are available with APNIC. Keeping in view the importance, PTA is continuously engaged with its licensees since 2012 for the capacity building through international organizations like APNIC, ISOC, ICANN and SANOG. PTA, with due consultation, has already finalized deadline of 31 August 2022 for IPv6 transition in the country, whereas majority of its operators have already configured their core network to support dual stack to support both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. Current Workshop was conducted by Mr. Tashi Phuntsho, Mr. Dave Phelan and Mr. Warren Finch from APNIC, supported by local trainers i.e. Mr. Fahad and Mr, Tahir Hussain. During the workshop, the best practices of swift transition to IPv6 were taught, which will help Pakistani operators achieving smooth transition transparent to the users. In addition to above, this transition to IPv6 will help in adopting 5G and IoT technologies in Pakistan, for which PTA has already started the process, in consultation with all stakeholders.